The VIII Workshop on Particle Correlations and Femtoscopy (WPCF-2012) will be held from September 10 to 14, 2012, in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

The WPCF-2012 continues the tradition of bringing together experts in experimental and theoretical aspects of measuring source characteristics in high-energy collisions through particle short- and long-range correlations and fluctuations.

The workshop will cover the problems of the evolution of quark/hadronic matter formed in high-energy collisions and of the methods to extract the information on this evolution by the analysis of data on final state particles.


  1. Latest HBT results from the LHC: Theory & Experiment
  2. New results from RHIC-BES and SPS
  3. Femtoscopy of A+A, p+p and e+e- collisions
  4. Charge fluctuations and correlations: lattice QCD
  5. Charge fluctuations and correlations: modeling vs. data
  6. Fluctuation in initial conditions
  7. Collective flow (including pp collisions at LHC)
  8. Jet Correlations
  9. Perspectives for FAIR and NICA

The venue of Workshop will be at Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies (FIAS).

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