Neuroschool 2008

Theoretical Neuroscience and Complex Systems

A summer school organized by Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies.

Place: Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies, Frankfurt, Germany

Dates: August 02 - 24, 2008

There is a high demand in Neuroscience to develop new concepts for understanding the brain. Computational and other theoretical approaches aiming at a mathematical analysis of neuroscientific questions are becoming more and more important. However, theoreticians in this area typically have backgrounds in physics, mathematics, computer science, or electrical engineering and no formal training in neuroscience during the early stages of their career. Conversely, the education of experimental neuroscientists lacks in computational and mathematical knowledge. Most importantly, these two groups usually have few opportunities to come together and learn how to collaborate with each other. Our school is designed to address this problem.

The school will bring together young scholars from three different areas: experimental and theoretical neuroscience and theoretical physics. Together these students will attend lectures by renowned scientists in the field. In addition, they will form interdisciplinary teams to work on small projects. Ideally, every team will be composed of at least one student in each of the three areas (experimental and theoretical neuroscience, theoretical physics). Experienced computational neuroscientists will help the interdisciplinary teams with their project work, which makes up a significant fraction of the school.

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