Workshop 2014

Workshop on Neural Information Dynamics, Causality and Computation near Criticality

LOEWE-NeFF and the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies (FIAS) jointly invite you to a “Workshop on Neural Information Dynamics, Causality and Computation near Criticality” December 12-13th, 2014

The workshop is preceded by a “Software course on Neural Information Dynamics with TRENTOOL, the Java Information Dynamics Toolkit and MuTE” December 10-11th, 2014




Workshop and student course will be held at the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies (FIAS,, Ruth-Moufang-Straße 1, 60438 Frankfurt, Germany


The workshop addresses the analysis of neural computation in large neural systems and covers three tightly related topics in the field of modern analysis of neural data:


The analysis of causal interactions yields important insights into the biophysical substrate of neural dynamics that enable emergent computation. It is one of the goals of the workshop to discuss the link between causal analysis and the analyses of information processing proper, in order to clarify the dividing line and the mutual benefit of these two types of analyses.

Neural information dynamics

Information theoretic quantities separate and measure key elements of distributed computation in neural systems, such as the storage, transfer, and modification of information. These concepts can help to better understand the computational algorithms implemented by the dynamics of a neural system, providing the link between these algorithms and their biophysical implementation.

Large scale organisation and criticality

Neural systems orchestrate the activity of a large number of interacting neurons to achieve their computational capabilities. Recent advances in recording technology make it possible to reveal the activity patterns of hundreds of neurons distributed across the brain. This offers the unique opportunity to identify the large-scale organising principles of neural activity, such as operation near a critical point, that support computation in the system.


Confirmed speakers:

Adam Barrett
Demian Battaglia
Sakyasingha Dasgupta
Luca Faes
Esther Florin
Moritz Grosse-Wentrup
Andreea Lazar
Anna Levina
Daniele Marinazzo
Oliver Obst
Gordon Pipa
Alberto Porta
Viola Priesemann
Karin Schiecke
Raul Vicente


The supporting software course addresses young scientists who intend to apply information theoretic measures for neuroscience hands on, and that would like to contribute code to one of the open source toolboxes on the topic. Some minimal experience with MATLAB or GNU-Octave is necessary for participation. Some prior knowledge in information theory is a plus. Applications for the student course should include a brief statement of motivation.


Student course faculty:

Alessandro Montalto (MuTE)
Michael Wibral (TRENTOOL, Java Information Dynamics Toolkit)
Patricia Wollstadt (TRENTOOL)



A few places are still available for both the course and the workshop and will be assigned in order of application. Please apply/register by emailto wibralem.uni-frankfurtde.

Registration fees
Student course: 50,00 EUR
Workshop: 75,00 EUR
Course+Workshop: 100,00 EUR

Upon successful registration please wire the registration fees to:
Account holder: Universitätsklinikum
Account: 37 99 99, BLZ: 50050201
IBAN: DE 32 500 502 01 0000 37 9999
Reference: 21000521

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