Research Group of Matthias Kaschube

Brain function, development and adaptive self-organization

Perhaps nowhere is the interrelation between collective dynamics and function more fascinating than in neuronal circuits. Broadly speaking, our group seeks to understand how living systems exploit the dynamics arising from the interplay among their various components to execute their various functions. Focusing on visual and auditory perception, we study how representations of the sensory world arise from cortical network interactions. Here, we are aiming to bridge perceptual and developmental time scales. In early developing embryos, we study how the structure of the body and its internal organs arise from orchestrated shape changes and movements of large numbers of cells.

Our group works at the interface between physics, computer science and biology. In support of our purely theoretical studies, we collaborate with several experimental groups and put significant emphasis on quantitative description of experimental data

Recent review

Neural maps versus salt-and-pepper organization in visual cortex

Current Opinion in Neurobiology, themed issue on neural maps [link]

Recent projects

Common design of orientation columns in the visual cortex

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Recent papers:

  • Keil W, Kaschube M, Schnabel M, Kisvarday ZF, Löwel S, Coppola DM, White LE, Wolf F (2012) Response to Comment on “Universality in the Evolution of Orientation Columns in the Visual Cortex“. Science 336:413. [pdf] [bib]
  • Reichl L, Heide D, Löwel S, Crowley JC, Kaschube M, Wolf F (2012) Coordinated Optimization of Visual Cortical Maps (II) Numerical Studies. PLoS Comput Biol. 8(11):e1002756. [pdf] [bib]
  • Reichl L, Heide D, Löwel S, Crowley JC, Kaschube M, Wolf F (2012) Coordinated Optimization of Visual Cortical Maps (I) Symmetry-based Analysis. PLoS Comput Biol. 8(11):e1002466. [pdf] [bib]

Reorganization of columnar architecture during cortical growth

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Recent papers:

  • Keil W, Schmidt K-F, Löwel S, Kaschube M (2010) Reorganization of columnar architecture in the growing visual cortex. PNAS 107:12293–12298. [pdf] [bib]

A volume conservation principle in tissue morphogenesis

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Recent papers:

  • Gelbart MA, He B, Martin AC, Thiberge SY, Wieschaus EF, Kaschube M. (2012) Volume conservation principle involved in cell lengthening and nucleus movement during tissue morphogenesis. PNAS 109:19298–303. [pdf] [bib]
  • Nelson KS, Khan Z, Molnár I, Mihály J, Kaschube M, Beitel GJ (2012) Drosophila Src regulates anisotropic apical surface growth to control epithelial tube size. Nat Cell Biol 14(5):518–25. [pdf] [bib]
  • Wang YC, Khan Z, Kaschube M, Wieschaus EF (2012) Differential positioning of adherens junctions is associated with initiation of epithelial folding. Nature, 484:390–393. [pdf] [bib]

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