Experimental Search for Quantum Gravity

July 12th-16th 2010, NORDITA, Stockholm, Sweden


During the last few years, various possibilities to experimentally test quantum gravity within the near future have been proposed, based on effective models that incorporate features like deformations of special relativity, extra dimensions, a fundamentally minimal length, space-time foam, or traces from quantum effects in the early universe in cosmological data. With this workshop, we bring together people from different areas in order to assess these possibilities and encourage discussions. This meeting focuses on experimental tests of quantum gravity, and the conclusions that can be drawn from these tests. Some topics are:
  • Predictions for existent and planned earth based experiments (accelerators, high-precision measurements), possibly in scenarios with a lowered Planck scale.
  • Cosmological measurements: signatures from the universe's early quantum phase (in the cosmic microwave/neutrino/graviton background, large and small scale structure)
  • Astrophysical measurements: cosmic rays, gamma-ray bursts, supernovae.
  • Quantum effects caused by space-time fuzziness (decoherence), status and proposals for experiments.
  • Miscellaneous and other (emergent gravity, non-locality, etc.).
The ESQG 2007 workshop was held at Perimeter Institute.