Besides my work in theoretical physics, I am interested in interdisciplinary work combining insights from the social, the natural and the computer sciences. I believe that there is a large untapped potential in the communication between these different fields, and that a better understanding of the relations between them would be of advantage to our civilization's ability to face the challenges of the future. Network science, complex systems, web science, and systems theory, among others, fall into this category, but this intersection also includes the sociology of science, science policy making, scientometric, knowledge management and decision science that influence in many ways directly and indirectly how science is done and integrated into our daily lives.

I did for example explain what a theory must look like to allow for free will to be more than an illusion. And in another paper, I discussed the problem of measuring happiness in economics, where I argued that happiness isn't a meaningful end to strive towards, but instead it is the maximization of possibilities that economies should work towards.

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