Research Group of Jörg Lücke

Computational Neuroscience and Machine Learning

New Lab Locations

Most of our research has moved to the Technical University of Berlin (since July 2013) and to the Machine Learning Group at the University of Oldenburg (since Dec 2013). 

Our Research

We study information processing and learning in computational and biological systems. We investigate such systems from the perspectives of Machine Learning and Computational Neuroscience. Each individual perspective answers important questions about the studied systems while their combination allows cross-fertilization and the development of integrated views.

Our main research focuses are unsupervised learning and computer vision. We pursue and conduct projects on non-linear component extraction, pattern recognition, and learning in neural circuits. Our probabilistic approaches aim to infer the often complex mechanisms that cause different types of data. We apply our models to data in computer vision, neuroscience, computer hearing, and different types of bio-medical data.

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