Research Group of Ivan Kisel

The group of Prof. Dr. Ivan Kisel is specialized on the developing of highly parallel effective algorithms for the tracks and particles reconstruction in the high energy physics experiments.


The main research interests of the group are:

  • reconstruction of charge particles tracks with a Cellular Automaton method;

  • reconstruction of track parameters with a Kalman filter method;

  • reconstruction of short-lived particles with a KF Particle package based on the Kalman filter method.

The track and particle reconstruction is a task, which needs a lot of computational power. At the same time all modern high energy physics experiments operate with huge data rates and require fast reconstruction procedures. In order to operate effectively in such difficult conditions the full utilization of the computer power is required. Parallel programing is considered now as the only way to utilize the full power of CPU and GPU, since all modern CPUs and GPUs have more than one core. They are also equipped with SIMD units. Therefore the developed algorithms are implemented using:

  • headers overloading SIMD instructions and a Vc library for the code vectorization;
  • OpenMP, Intel TBB and Pthreads for the parallelization between cores of CPU;
  • OpenCL and Intel ArBB as a programming solution both for the vectorization and parallelization on CPU;


The group participates in the online and offline event reconstruction in:

  • the ALICE experiment at LHC, Switzerland;
  • the CBM experiment at FAIR, Germany;
  • the STAR experiment at RHIC, USA;
  • the PANDA experiment at FAIR, Germany.

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