Opening Syposium

The official opening of the new Helmholtz Research School was celebrated with an opening symposium.
Monday, October 9 2006, 13:00
GSI, Darmstadt, main auditorium.


13:30WelcomeProf. Dr. Harald Appelshäuser, Director, Helmholtz Research School
OpeningProf. Dr. Karlheinz Langanke, Scientific Director, GSI
GreetingsDr. Sebastian Schmidt, Managing Director, Helmholtz Association
GreetingsProf. Dr. Rudolf Steinberg, President, University of Frankfurt
IntroductionDr. Henner Büsching, Coordinator, Helmholtz Research School

Prof. Dr. Berndt Müller, Duke University, Durham, USA
Some Like It Hot: The quark-gluon plasma at RHIC and LH(I)C
Prof. Dr. Reinhard Stock, University of Frankfurt
Hadron Production in Relativistic Nuclear Collisions
18:30End of Symposium

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