Lecture Week - Fall 2009 - Kemer (Turkey)



20.-26. November 2009


Viscosity, Hydrodynamics and Flow


Raimond Snellings
Pasi Huovinen

Participant Talks

Harri Niemi
Ante Bilandzic


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Theory Topics

  1. Talk: Teilab, Khaled; Partner: Konchakovski, Volodymyr
    Glauber model initial conditions, especially how to calculate the number of participants and binary collisions
    * Kolb et al. Nucl. Phys A696, 197 (2001)
    * Miller et al. Ann.Rev.Nucl.part.Sci. 57, 205 (2007)

  2. Talk: Kramer, Frederick; Partner: Fochler, Oliver
    - Cooper-Frye freeze-out, especially in detail in 1+1D Bjorken
    * Cooper and Frye, Phys. Rev. D10, 186 (1974)
    * Ruuskanen, Acta Physica Polonica B18 (1987), 551, section 4

  3. Talk: Amar-Youcef, Samir; Partner: Betz Barbara
    - Chemically frozen EoS and its effect on flow
    * Hirano & Gyulassy, Nucl. Phys. A769, 71 (2006)
    * Hirano & Tsuda, Phys. Rev. C66, 054905, 2002
    * Bebie et al. Nucl. Phys B378, 95 (1992)

  4. Talk: Seddiki, Selim; Partner: Frank Michler
    - Derivation of Israel-Stewart equations for dissipative currents,
    * Huovinen & Molnar, Phys. Rev. C79, 014906 (2009)
    * Muronga, Ph.D. Thesis (I can give a pdf-copy)

  5. Talk: Tarantola, Attilio; Partner: Harri Niemi
    - The topic is "The effect of shear viscosity on elliptic flow" * Teaney, Phys. Rev. C68, 034913 (2003)
    * Huovinen et al, Phys. Lett. B503, 58 (2001)

Experimental Topics

  1. Talk: Vogel, Sascha; Partner: Lymanets, Anton
    Measurements of charm flow: discuss current status and future possibilities J/Psi, non-photonic electrons, D etc.

  2. Talk: Baeuchle, Bjorn; Partner: Doenigus, Benjamin
    Design the best detector(s) to measure flow assuming you do not have an unlimited budget discuss the minimal requirements and pros and cons of your choice

  3. Talk: El, Andrej; Partner: Lüttig,Philipp
    How is flow measured in PHENIX: Discuss the various measurements, methods and pay special attention to systematic uncertainties

  4. Talk: Sagert, Irina; Partner: Schuster, Tim
    How is flow measured in STAR: Discuss the various measurements, methods and pay special attention to systematic uncertainties

  5. Talk: Bouras, Iannis; Partner: Reichelt, Patrick
    How is flow measured in NA49: Discuss the various measurements, methods and pay special attention to systematic uncertainties

Practical Information


The lecture week starts with an introduction session on Friday afternoon and will close on Wednesday evening.


The lecture week will be held at the Fantasia Hotel, located in Camyuva/Kemer. Camyuva is located just 5 minutes west of Kemer and east of the antique cities Phaselis and Olympos. The hotel is 55 km south west of Antalya.


We travel by airplane. Travel and ticketing is centrally organized.
Frankfurt Airport: November 20. 2009, 06:15 !!
Antalya Airport: November 26. 2009, 15:15

Participants will get an email with the booking code. To check in one needs this booking code together with a passport or German 'personalausweis'. For some countries visa requirements are in place. There are _no_ paper tickets.

The maximum baggage allowance is 20 kg for the flight and an additional 6 kg for carry-on baggage. As this is a charter flight tolerance in heavy baggage is usually low.

One needs to be at the airport _60 minutes_ before departure. Checkin closes at 05.15 !!!

Flight number is DE5614 (Condor), Checkin: Terminal 1, Hall C, Counter 773-780.

We highly recommend to arrive even earlier as security checks can be time consuming.

There is the possibility to check in baggage on the evening before departure to save time in the morning. Pre-checkin is Terminal 1, Hall B, Counter 518

If you are on a different flight individual transportation will be organized from the hotel to the airport.


Accomodation is mostly in twin bed rooms. Room assignments can be found >here.


Full board is included in the lecture week. The hotel is an all-inclusive hotel. Details will be given during the information session.

What to bring

Clothing The lecture week will be very informal, so only casual attire necessary. We expect temperatures in the low 20. .


WLAN access points are available.


If you are giving a presentation, a laptop and projector will be available. In addition flip charts can be used. Presentation time is 30 minutes including discussion.


All basic expenses are covered by the H-QM research school. You only have to pay for some local expenses. All meals and most drinks are included.


Though this trip will not generate any costs for your supervisor or group please do not forget to file a trip request so you are covered by insurance during the lecture week.


  1. Amar-Youcef, Samir,
  2. Altinpinar, Sedat,
  3. Baeuchle, Bjorn,
  4. Betz, Barbara,
  5. Doenigus, Benjamin,
  6. El, Andrej,
  7. Fochler, Oliver ,
  8. Kliemant, Michael,
  9. Konchakovski, Volodymyr ,
  10. Kramer, Frederick,
  11. Lymanets, Anton,
  12. Michler, Frank,
  13. Sagert, Irina
  14. Schuster, Tim,
  15. Tarantola, Attilio,
  16. Teilab, Khaled,
  17. Vogel, Sascha,
  18. Seddiki, Selim
  19. Bouras, Iannis
  20. Büsching, Henner,
  21. Huovinen, Pasi
  22. Niemi, Harri
  23. Lüttig, Philipp
  24. Reichelt, Patrick
  25. Snellings, Raimond
  26. Bilancuik, Ante
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