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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Gravity and Information

Nobel-laureate Gerard 't Hooft, released a paper with FIAS Scientists Piero Nicolini and Marcus Bleicher. Together with Steven B. Giddings, Carlo Rovelli, Jonas Mureika and Matthias Kaminski they try to take on different approaches on a theory of quantum gravity and the ways these relate to information and black holes. This paper is a continuation of their meeting last year at FIAS during the Karl Schwarzschild Meeting.

Various contenders for a complete theory of quantum gravity are at odds with each other. This is in particular seen in the ways they relate to information and black holes, and how to effectively treat quantization of the background spacetime. Modern perspectives on black hole evaporation suggest that quantum gravity effects in the near-horizon region can perturb the local geometry. The approaches differ, however, in the time scale on which one can expect these effects to become important. This panel session presents three points of view on these problems, and considers the ultimate prospect of observational tests in the near future.


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