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German selection for the International Physicists’ Tournament takes place at FIAS

The German national selection for the International Physicists’ Tournament (IPT) will take place at FIAS, November 21.-22. 2016, GSC room 07. 

Three teams, “0 pi The Fringe Scientists“ (Frankfurt), SOUP (Frankfurt) und HamEr GötEr (Erlangen, Göttingen, Hamburg), will fight in the German selection of IPT. The winner gains the right to compete with teams from 17 other countries in the international tournament, which will take place at Goteborg, Sweden in April 2017.

The tournament consists of series of debates, where the reporter from the first team presents the solution of the problem, the opponent from the second team criticizes it and the reviewer from the third team moderates the discussion. Then the teams exchange roles.

The problems chosen for the Tournament are not usual physics class problems. This years problems include questions like: It is possible to build towers using jelly/gummy LEGO bricks in the same way as can be achieved with their plastic counterparts? Is it possible for an archer to shoot an arrow directly straight up and after some time it comes down and kills an enemy? How many magnets can be accommodated within a given surface area before the structure collapses and the magnets stick together? Another task is to to build an experimental setup to simulate the aurora borealis in the laboratory.

With this different and out of the box problems the students skills are challenged on different levels. Sometimes they need to follow a theoretical approach, other times an experimental one. More information on the German tournament can be found on, general information on IPT:

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