Research Group of Marcus Bleicher

I am interested in the understanding of the properties of matter at very high densities and temperatures as they existed micro seconds after the big bang. These ultra-high densities are nowadays only found in the interior of neutron stars, while the temperatures are a million times higher than in the interior of the sun. Under these extreme conditions the core of the atoms, the atomic nuclei start to melt and can transform into droplets of quarks and gluons. The fundamental theory that describes sub-atomic matter is Quantum Chromo-Dynamics, also called QCD.

To explore the properties of this matter we develop computer simulations to perform collisions of heavy ions in the computer, to compare our results with the measurements of our experimental colleagues at GSI, RHIC and CERN. Here I closely collaborate also with
Prof. Petersen (FIAS, GU Frankfurt).

A second interest is the physics beyond the Standard Model. Here I work closely with
PD Dr. Piero Nicolini (FIAS) to understand effective theories to test quantum gravity phenomenology. This includes e.g. black hole physics at particle colliders, neutrino oscillations and non-commutative theories.

A third area of interest is medical physics and theoretical biology. Here I work together with Prof. Meyer-Hermann (TU Braunschweig) and
Prof. Mishustin (FIAS) to explore tumor simulations and particle therapy.

If you are interested in a Bachelor or Master project please contact me.

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