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November 2016

Tuesday 22nd

Registration and Coffee
Welcome addresses


Session 1: Market Integration of Renewables


Martin Greiner (Aarhus):

Cost-optimal heterogeneity in a simplified, highly renewable European electricity network (12+3 mins)


Mario Mureddu (Jacobs University) :

Forecasting the volumes and costs of
the electricity balancing markets in the presence of a high share of renewable energy sources
(12+3 mins)

Bo Tranberg (Danske Commodities):

Challenges facing traders (12+3mins)

Jochen Bammert (TransnetBW GmbH):

Integration of Renewables - Challanges for TSOs (12+3 mins)




Breakout Group Session 1: Grids and Markets

Possible topics include:

  • Should network charges be regionalised or uniformised?
  • Is missing market liquidity a legitimate impediment to smaller bidding zones in Europe?
  • Do pan-European technology-neutral renewable auctions make sense?

Lunch in FIZ




Session 2: Understanding and Preventing Network Disturbances



Benjamin Schäfer (Göttingen):

Fluctuation Response Patterns in Electric Power Grids (12+3 mins)

Stefan Kettemann (Jacobs University):

Propagation of Disturbances in AC Electricity Grids (12+3 mins)

Martin Rohden (Jacobs University):

Cascading Failures in AC Power Grids (12+3 mins)


Dirk Witthaut (FZJ):

From State Estimation to Network Reconstruction (12+3 mins)

Thomas Walter (Easy Smart Grid):

Robust Cellular Systems as a Defence Against Network Disturbances (12+3mins)


Nis Martensen (Energynautics):

Challenges of Dynamic Stability Studies (12+3 mins)


Discussions over Coffee


Session 3: Methods and Scenarios in Power Systems Analysis

Dirk Witthaut (FZJ):

Graph theory for power system algorithms (12+3 mins)

Fabian Gotzens (FZJ):

Setting up a long-term European electricity system model incorporating climate change effects for the investigation of electricity grid scenarios (12+3 mins)

Athanasios Krontiris (ABB):

Interfacing proprietary models for dynamic simulations (12+3 mins)

Mathias Duckheim (Siemens Corporate Research):

Collaboration between distribution and transmission grid operators to provide ancillary services (12+3mins)


Bernd Reifenhäuser (GIP):

Packet-Based Power Transmission (12+3mins)


CoNDyNet Project Internal Meeting
Dinner in FIAS Faculty Club

Wednesday 23rd



Session 4: Dynamic Stability in Networks


Paul Schulz (PIK):

Stability Measures for High-Dimensional Multi-Stable Systems (12+3 mins)

Frank Hellmann (PIK):

Stability/Dimensional Reduction of Dynamic Systems (12+3 mins)

Rudolf Sollacher (Siemens Corporate Research):

Smart grids and their control (12+3 mins)

Michael Döring (Ecofys):

How to ensure stability in the different phases of the energy transition? (12+3 mins)


Mark Thiele (TenneT):

Dynamic Stability  from a TSO perspective (12+3 mins)


Discussions over Coffee


Session 5: Distribution Networks and Decentral Control


Benjamin Schäfer (Göttingen):

Taming Instabilities in Power Grid Networks by Decentralized Control (12+3 mins)

Sabine Auer (PIK):

Decentral Control with Frequency Signals (12+3 mins)

Nicolas Sommer (Next Kraftwerke):

Virtual Power Plants: Technical and Commercial Management of Decentralized Assets (12+3 mins)

Wolfram Krause (Younicos):

From Micro-grids to Grid-scale - Energy Storage integrates Distributed Generation (12+3 mins)

Robert Brockmann (Eisspeichertechnologie):

Die Eisspeichertechnologie (12+3 mins)


Stefan Werner (Allensbach):

Energy self-sufficient Allensbach: Proposal for the integration of decentralized prosumer control into grid and energy markets (12+3 mins)


Lunch in FIZ


Breakout Group Session 2: Centralised versus Decentralised Energy System


Possible topics include:

  • The “cellular model” of decentralised control: how big should the cells be?
  • How can TSOs reduce network congestion while coordinating with decentral control units?


Session 6: Long-Term Planning for High Shares of Renewables

David Schlachtberger (FIAS):

The price of non-cooperation in a highly renewable Europe (12+3 mins)

Tom Brown (FIAS):

Sector coupling in a highly renewable scenario for Europe (12+3 mins)


Jonas Hörsch (FIAS):

Spatial scale dependence in joint optimisation of generation and transmission for highly renewable scenarios (12+3 mins)

Denis Imamovic (Siemens Transmission Technologies):

Challenges in the transmission grid expansion and required innovative solutions (12+3 mins)


Wrap up

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