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Dr. Robert Berger

Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies (FIAS)
Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University
Ruth-Moufang-Str. 1
D-60438 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

telephone: +49 69 798 47653
fax: +49 69 798 47611
office: FIAS 1.100

center of gravity of the team meanwhile shifted to:

Philipps-Universität Marburg
Fachbereich Chemie
Hans-Meerwein-Straße 4
D-35032 Marburg, Germany

telephone: +49 6421 28 25687
office: E4301

Dr. Robert Berger is an Adjunct Fellow at the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies (FIAS) and Professor for Theoretical Chemistry at Uni Marburg

Research Interests

My primary interest is in theoretical chemistry and quantum chemistry. Specifically,

Additional details on my research program and its members can be found at the Berger Group. A list of Publications as well as Talks and Poster Presentations is also available.

Open Positions

I have a number of postdoc, Ph.D., diploma/master and bachelor projects available and available vacancies. People who are interested in the fields of research named above should have a solid background in one or more of the following areas: theoretical chemistry, quantum chemistry, computational chemistry, mass spectrometry, theoretical physics, molecular physics, atomic physics or nuclear physics. You are highly welcome to contact me, if you are interested in joining the team.


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