My Research Interests
Keywords: Quantum Gravity, Quantum Gravity Phenomenology, Physics Beyond the Standard Model, Analogue Gravity, Gauge-gravity Duality

I am broadly interested in the fundamental laws of nature, and more specifically in the quantum nature of space and time. My research thus focuses on quantum gravity, but also touches on quantum foundations, cosmology, and physics beyond the standard model.

Much of my past research has been dedicated to studying the possibility of finding experimental evidence for quantum gravity. In the area of quantum gravity phenomenology, we develop models whose purpose is to quantify general properties expected of quantum gravitational effects, like the occurrence of a minimal length scale as UV-regulator, deviations from General Relativity, extra dimensions, modifications of Lorentz-invariance, or the generalized uncertainty principle. I find it promising to examine interrelationships between these topics, and I strive to develop models that are useful to directly test a given assumption. The purpose of these models is to give guidance to the development of the theory, for example by ruling out the presence of Lorentz-invariance violation, geometrical defects, or decoherence due to space-time-fluctuations.

In particular, I worked out in 2003 a model which includes the effects of a minimal length scale into quantum field theory as an effective description of a Planck-scale resolution limit due to quantum gravitational effects [hep-th/0305262]. This model is related to Deformed Special Relativity [hep-th/0510245, hep-th/0702016], but differs in the implementation of the minimal length [hep-th/0603032, gr-qc/0612167]. In particular, my model does not cause problems with locality, multi-particle states, or Lorentz-invariance. More details on this type of models can be found in my review: [arxiv:1203.6191].

More recently, I started working on applications of the gauge-gravity duality to condensed matter systems, strange metals in particular. I have worked out a new type of duality which is obtained by combining the AdS/CFT duality with analogue gravity [arXiv:1412.4220, arXiv:1508.00732].

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