Science in the 21st Century

Sep. 8th-12th 2008, Perimeter Institute, Waterloo, Ontario


Schedule (status Sep 9) Download as PDF

All talks will be held in the Bob Room on the fourth floor; the discussions will take place in the Alice Room, with exception of the discussion on Thursday evening that will take place in the Black Hole Bistro. The meeting on Monday and the conference dinner on Wednesday also will be arranged in the Black Hole Bistro.

All talks will be recorded and available on PIRSA, Collection C08021

Monday, Sep. 8th

Time SpeakerTitle
9:45Hossenfelder, SabineOpening/Organizational Stuff
10:00Hossenfelder, SabineScience is a Worldview (slides)
11:00Orzel, ChadTalking to My Dog about Science: Weblogs and Public Outreach
14:00Distler, JacquesBlogs, Wikis, MathML: Scientific Communication
15:30Willinsky, JohnOpen Access Is Public Access
16:30DiscussionThe Fall of the Ivory Tower: Science gets closer to the public
Moderation: Eva Amsen
Panelists: Chad Orzel, John Willinsky, Cameron Neylon
19:00Pang, AlexMapping Science in the 21st Century

Tuesday, Sep. 9th

Time SpeakerTitle
10:00Hannay, TimoThe Future is a Foreign Country: Science Publishing in the 21st Century
11:00Ginsparg, PaulNext-Generation Implications of Open Access
14:00Börner, Katy21st Century Science Maps
15:30Odlyzko, AndrewThe evolution of scholarly communication and the supreme power of inertia
16:30DiscussionThe Future of Scientific Collaboration
Moderation: John Dupuis
Panelists: Simeon Warner, Michael Nielsen, Timo Hannay
(Alice Room)
IT Tools for Science
Gerry McKiernan The Wiki: An Environment for Scholarly Conversation and Publishing (slides)
Garrett Lisi Physics Wiki
Victor Henning Mendeley: A for Research? (presentation on YouTube)

Wednesday, Sep. 10th

Time SpeakerTitle
10:00Collins, HarryDoes electronic communication make any difference to the nature of expertise?
11:00Fuller, Steve
(per video)
Does there need to be a Social Contract for Metascience?
14:00Kaiser, DavidToil, Trouble, and the Cold War Bubble: Physics and the Academy since World War II
15:30Smolin, LeeScience as an ethical community
16:30Discussion Power and Progress: Democracy and Ethics in Science
Moderation: Steve Weinstein
Panelists: Harry Collins, David Kaiser, Lee Smolin

Thursday, Sep. 11th

Time SpeakerTitle
10:00Noveck, BethDesigning Digital Institutions: Science in Government 2.0
11:00Weinstein, EricSheldon Glashow Owes me a Dollar (and 17 years of interest): What happens in the marketplace of ideas when the endless frontier meets the efficient frontier?
14:00Wellman, BerryNetworked Individualism and the Triple Revolution: Networks, Internet and Mobility
15:30Nielsen, Michael Cultural openness and its connection to online innovation in science
16:30Design ExerciseScience Policy Making (Greg's notes)
20:00DiscussionScientific Utopia: Alternative Forms of Scientific Institutions
Moderation: Lee Smolin
Panelists: Garrett Lisi, Eric Weinstein, Robin Blume-Kohout

Friday, Sep. 12th

Time SpeakerTitle
10:00Wilson, GregCan the Web Make Scientists Brush Their Teeth? (slides)
11:00Neylon, CameronScience in the open /or/ How I learned to stop worrying and love my blog
14:00Michael NielsenSummary/Closing Discussion