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March, 1, 2008:
I have joined Jochen Triesch's lab at Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies as a "Postdoctoral Scholar".

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February, 15, 2007:
I have joined Caltech as a "Postdoctoral Scholar in Biology".

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Hello, Hola, Servus, Namaste! My name is Prashant Joshi. I am a computational neuroscientist, with my main areas of research interest being reservoir computing, computational motor control, computation with spiking neurons, neurocomputational basis of working memory and decision making, learning in biologically realistic circuits, machine learning, adaptive non-linear control and humanoid robots.

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Since March, 2008, I am working at Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies, an independent research organization, as "Postdoctoral Scholar" in the lab of Prof. Jochen Triesch .

Prior to this, I worked at California Institute of Technology as "Postdoctoral Scholar in Biology" in the Division of Biology with Dr. Christoph Koch and Dr. Ila Fiete as my sponsors.

Before joining Caltech, I did my doctoral studies at Institute for Theoretical Computer Science, at Technische Universitaet Graz, in Graz, Austria. My thesis was supervised by Dr. Wolfgang Maass.

I did my M.S. in Computer Science (2002) at Center for Advanced Computer Studies, at University of Louisiana at Lafayette, USA, where I was supervised by Dr. Anthony S. Maida. I did my B.E. in Electronics Engineering (1999) at Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, (formerly, Motilal Nehru Regional Engineering College), Allahabad, India.