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Workshop at Cosyne 2011:
Integrating perception, action and learning through natural goal directed behavior

Although there is a long tradition of separating perception and decision making, theoretical advances in control and machine learning show that perception, motor control and learning can only be separated under very restricted circumstances. The conditions for separation exclude key aspects of agency, like learning and modifying the agent's cognitive architecture. By embodying cognition and perception in an agent, a new set of explanatory principles emerges that has the potential to resolve long-standing debates in perception, action, and learning considered as separate disciplines. Theoretical tools such as POMDPs, Bayesian RL, and stochastic optimal control have the potential to give natural accounts for many aspects of brain and behavior, including attention, sensory coding, active perception, neural organization, goal selection, specificity in learning.

The aim of the workshop is to provide an opportunity to integrate related work performed in different fields that all relate to the same core theoretical ideas. Speakers will include theoreticians who have been developing this framework and experimentalists who have used these ideas to interpret behavioral and neural data. The workshop has the potential to produce interactions between the researchers as the common threads become clearer, and innovations can be shared. We will continue the tradition of ending the workshop with an invitation to perceive and act upon a selection of wines.


Ehud Ahissar (Weizmann):
Closed loop perception via sense-specific action-sensation loops

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Michael Platt (Duke U.):
A neuroethological perspective on uncertainty reduction, learning and decision making

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Naftali Tishby (Hebrew U.):
Information flow in the perception-action-cycle and the representation of surprise in the brain

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Constantin Rothkopf (FIAS):
Natural visuomotor behavior: from receptive fields to value functions

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Mate Lengyel (U. Cambridge):
The powers and perils of Bayesian inference in the brain: perception, learning, and decision making

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Jozsef Fiser (Brandeis U.):
Possible neural implementations of probabilistic inference and learning in the brain: for ex-sample

- Pietro Berkes, Gergő Orbán, Máté Lengyel, József Fiser. Spontaneous cortical activity reveals hallmarks of an optimal internal model of the environment. Science 2011. 331:83-87
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Paul Schrater (U. Minnesota):
Perceptual learning through the lens of control

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