Research Group of Piero Nicolini


The research interests of the group concern mathematical modelling of physical systems, with particular reference to black holes, their evaporation, thermodynamics and chemistry, models of quantum gravity, exotic quantum field theory effects and the physics beyond the standard model. Our research topics can be loosely grouped under a variety of disciplines such as theoretical physics, astrophysics, mathematical physics and applied mathematics.


Piero Nicolini received the Laurea (B.Sc.+M.Sc.) degree in Physics from the University of Trieste in 1997, and the Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics from the University of Bologna in 2002 (see his scientific genealogy). In the recent years, he has been Adjunct Professor of Mathematical Physics and obtained two qualifications for Professorship in Theoretical Physics (in Germany and in Italy) and one qualification for Professorship in Astrophysics (in Italy). He is currently Research Fellow at FIAS and Privatdozent (Faculty) at the Goethe University. In October 2016, he has been the recipient of the Carl-Wilhelm-Fück-Prize of the Frankfurter Förderverein für physikalische Grundlagenforschung for his academic activity.

Nicolini has successfully conducted research activity in disparate areas. He published papers in string inspired dilaton gravity models as well as plasma physics, quantum hydrodynamics, cosmology, neutrino oscillations, and fractal properties of a quantum spacetime. He is, however, best known for having first proposed noncommutative geometry as a tool for studying evaporating black holes beyond the semiclassical limit.

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